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fucking batgirl is awesome.

well my friend the ocean, here we are once more. i've come upon your shores in the style of this latter days angel. moron, they call me. maybe this loathing isn't such a true thing. consider it my segue, the water poured within the chalice that later becomes wine. because my head is held high, as the metaphor goes. as i slip away into truth, things like head & heart become little more than communicative concepts. fabulous lies. which who but i could devise? i've yet to meet a cat so canny. so what the fuck am i running at the mouth for? not much news. coming home from work i pulled a raven at the chamber door, tap tap tapping at kira's window for dinner with jenny, her, & jodi. the later, popcorn & nino. witches burning upon the pyre. maybe sometimes there might be people who see things diffrent than that? i don't know. elliot smith makes me think, "doesn't everybody see everything like raistlin?" because, let me tell you a little bit about hour glasses. i'm fronting, of course. my disconnect keeps me from thinking of others when they arn't here. if i never see you again, you'll live forever! let that keep you company as i use you up & kick you to the curb. man, i keep meeting people & understanding why i tell everyone the things i tell them. everyone calls me a fascist lunatic, but mostly i clam up about my opinions. i don't know how to say the things i want. because what i want is unable to be copied. if we are going to talk about rock-stars, or novels, this is not for you? no fuck that. this is not for me. i can fake it, i can watch sitcoms & try to emulate them. but if you think you know better? let me promise you that we arn't friends. that you don't know the first thing about the universe, about god or mordicai or the devil or babylon or zion or magog. no, you know, fuck you. i lie a lot. i'm lying to you. there are a few who've got my number. mostly, they know it. if you think it? you...oh man, oh heavens, fuck you. you want to know why i like zombie movies? that is what i'm living right now. as zombies are to "you," so "you" are to fucking me. so...fuck. man, i want to make mordicai-stabbing legal. i hate, i hate. it is what lets you know i'm me.

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