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everyone in the courtyard is asleep, i saw. it is just us, me & her, all alone in brooklyn. & when i say BK i mean the whole entire world. i might joke about how the hive can't see outside the farthest flower? & okay, i get the globe bullshit. ask me about the environment some time. for a fascist & opportunist, i might surprise you. but i mean, you have to take the long view when you've got eternal war on the mind. frankly? i'm a little out of sorts. i sure did have sex with jenny tonight. that'll render me all kinds of invincible. i mean to elaborate on that all the time. i don't know. songs arn't written about me or for me. but jenny is the fucking...what do i know about music? she's the part that i need,the part before the coda. is there a word for that? i hope not, so that in 100,000 years they call it jenny. though, of course, years past a decade can only mean my mistake. man i am drunk & it is time for bed. let me say, this slow disarming of myself? impossible. she does? what the devil would call foul? fuck 'em.

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