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seven kings on seven hills.

sew me up a mantle, oh spiders! for today i lurk about the throne room all in a sulk. or at least, in a daze, with eyes glazed over. at least the wave is crested. all the built up yesterdays have burst the dike & once again we labor amidst the marshes. let me pick along the edge of the bog & see what artifacts have washed up from past rememberances. on thor's day i saw the pale white ico counterpart to my ico horned lad, miss katja, & we did hand & hand through the castle, her with her jeffrey. that was a thing that happened, i'm certain. i've seen it in the whorl of this ammonite. so lets just say it happened. look, & just that easy, we were archeologists. sink a bucket deep enough into the ocean & i swear i'll tell you something about the me that was before. that real old me, the real one & only. i keep him bundled up under my sternum. these bones of iron & sometimes titanium will keep him wrapped in his cell! till at last, at least, i am free once more. happy day upon which to wreck my ruin. but back to lock, stock, & barrel you pistol me. i'm in such a great mood anyhow. blooms of algae in the fishtank. through biting my lip over her, that is one thing for sure. i mean, & high time. i can't live at high noon for very long. i'm a long midnight sort of boy, dribbling out of some black hole. pre-hawking retrofit.

it is awfully funny thinking about names, when it comes to my dnd game. i sort of languish an awful lot when it comes down to the brass tacks. probably the thing, besides raw prolific writing, that i most admire about kingtycoon. he's got the name thing down like a motherfucker. whereas i still waste hours trying to fit the best name to a universal concept that will almost certainly never influence my player characters even a little. but at least every so often i drag something out of this morass of memory, some left-over star from my days in the heavens. how much personal mythology can i infuse into my constructed universe? oh, a whole, laden bunch. almost enough to make me think that l. ron hubbard wasn't joking when he did his whole holy text thing. okay, that is a lame joke at my expense. but i mean, how can anyone deal with gnosis when they whole-heartedly swear by science? the whole science as successful magic angle? is of course my genuine buy in. but i don't mean to use it as a dodge. to avoid a fall from a less than great height. because from the falls i've taken, most tumbles look tame.

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