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i was there when we found the king.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bikini atoll metaphors:
    as in, the island that got nuked? it is pretty sexy to use it.
  2. daughters named antigone:
    thats what jenny & i will name our first daughter. jury is still out on the middle name, since she (probably) won't let it be "tyranna." though i still hold out hope. regina?
  3. fuck golden valley:
    one time i got stranded in minnesota. then i ran out of ptpenguino's place, shouting heavens knows what. then ran along the railroad tracks till i thought i'd gotten to ohio. i was a lost little prince! so gunn came & rescused me on her bike.
  4. i will kill again:
    oh, i will, i assure you.
  5. malkavian antitribu:
    you know the role-playing game vampire, the masquerade? it is actually a really good time, provided you don't play with most of the people who want to play it. i famously played the same character for many years, pair with antonio, & he was a little, tiny bit of a terror. malkavian was his clan, & the antitribu places him in the sabbat.
  6. not scared of whales:
    jenny is, but i sure like whales.
  7. seid'ade cult of personality:
    the seid are the wights in my game, & the seid'ade are the wights that bear the onus of the crown. anyhow, wight social organization is, at this point in history, completely based on cults of personality.
  8. the endgame (engelmacherin/eschatomaniac):
    the endgame is the flagship of my fleet, the vessel to dwarf & dimish all others. its purpose is to free the angels from bondage, & to destroy the universe. & to love doing it.
  9. updownstrangecharmtruthbeauty:
    the colours of quarks, but more importantly, the names of the six drugs in my future.
  10. zrkzrk haploid-diploid dimorphism:
    oh no i've said too much! they breed, they must breed somehow...

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