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this is the story...

...of the restraunt out of space & time. "five asians," they called it, but probably on account of shao-lin wuxing lung wire-fighting shit. oh fuck! the taoist immortals strike again! i mean, they had wontons like rose petals! i am pretty sure the kitchen was inside of a ufo. or a cemetary, & all the chefs were ghosts. & cheftesses. but i am not fucking kidding about this place only being open for 3 days. seriously, place closed, five asians opened, three days passed, then they closed, & now some "bff chinese" place has opened in its place. it is pretty much breaking my girlfriend's tiny little heart. so i've decided to conduct an interview with the previous owners of five asians, hoping to have some closure. i won't transcribe what is said, but i will look over the values with a pke meter.


i've got nothing going on. i spent most of today on the computer fucking around with neopets. then i finally fucking got my shit together & did the laundry. i got a leech stuck on my finger at the laundromat! it tried to suck out my blood to take it back to its master, freddie mercury. no thanks, man! i need that kroovy shit, or whatever alex would call it. horrorshow! fucking...fuck. vamp off some other jerk! anyhow, on top of all my misery, i need a new book, & i'm being a picky little bitch. um, i could suck it up & read any one of the hundred books i've got, or that we have at the bookstore, but instead i'll read comic books & re-read role-playing books to stall for time. oh, wasn't i going to read city sister silver soon? that is a good idea. maybe not next, but keeping it fixed as soon. anyhow, what? i'm okay with the onset of fog. i'm sort of sleepy anyhow. maybe i'll sneak the mess of beer out of the 'fridge & finish it. i poured it back in the bottle for jenny! i feel like i get to claim it. conversely, i could just hit the hay. but hay it itchy when the humidity is this high. fuck this, i'm done playing hide & seek.

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