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i keep turning up lucky stones, funny little anecdotes to leave. but really, i don't want to leave. odds are, as soon as i go to bed, i'm going to have fucked up dreams. & yeah, i've got her there. a stone to clutch too. which i can't shade with enough importance. i can hold on to her & not be swept out to sea. she's not the same as all you garbage people, but she hangs me here. i can't just fuck off to europa or something. fuck, i don't know, this whole biz is stupid. i start slipping. but you know what? as much magic game as i might throw. (& i remind you, none of it is less than true,) just her presence will resort to true. she makes a king of quens & a rook of bishops. which is code for tricky kingdoming! actually, that analogy is pretty gender loaded. so i amend it. i've been lately intrested in the fringes of gender/queer theory in ways i havn't been before. especially the former. queer stuff i've got at least half-baked science for. but i mean, i don't wanna play the outliers in some weird predjudiced way. hello i'm mordicai. if you fuck with me: killing. okay!

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