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yesterday i laquered up my armor with black oils & set out into the fray. the first stop was a bar-b-que hosted by one former gaming geek associate, tom balor, gouger for the iron kingdom. that place was packed with vegetarians, including three girls who, as far as i could tell, spent the whole time talking amongst each other about how meat is murder. i brought brisket & put it on a wheat roll. gave half to an anonymous old guy who was complaining about the lack of flesh. one hot red headed lesbian & her "i want to climb stuff" hippie girlfriend. some other folks i chatted with, but when imogen text messaged me, i took off for williamsburg. walked like a perpendicular asshole, but found my way along maspeth eventually. went to that party, sat on a concrete floor, & had a good time. necroepisiotomy was the name of the game! with a couple of dropped pronouns (oops). & when we left i tagged along with pretty little imogen to her apartment, where we had drunken trans-talk, & just general feminist chat. i of course sang & lauded about sarah blaffer hrdy's mother nature. when eventually i came home, i came home.

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