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let me lay out the architecture of the day for you. the first act undertaken was to explore the indian hotspot for brunch with peter. 50% off everything on the menu before four is emminently reasonable. we had this strange lentil bread with potatos & chickpeas & oh. him saying to me "you never really struck me as the lets go out & sit down to dinner type," & me confessing that without my girlfriend around, i revert to having to use what i've seen on television sitcoms to govern personal interaction. after brunch i toy with the idea of going with peter & his brother & brother's girlfriend to the ren faire (they have a car) but in the end i've mostly decided against it. so i pop on a train & off to meet gerd downtown. there is some small amount of shopping but soon we retire to the asian pub my pup scribble found & lit a candle for. we're there when bernard meets up with us, & of course everyone likes the lycheetini. tough to beat that joint. after the breeze is shot by these old irons, gerd splits & bernard & i decide to cruise around the movie theaters thinking we'll see what's to be seen. eventually we decided that something around 7:30 is in order, though not on what (i am secretly rooting for the cave) & decide to go fuck off at some coffee place to kill more time (with these old irons). i know fuck-all about coffee, so i just tell the guy working i'll have whatever northwester bernie ordered. "make it two of those, meister," he says to the barista. ...the fuck...hey! i know you (sort of!) it is whosaidilied, who i am apparently stalking. ze is tiny, like the nitroglygerin cap that ignites the bomb! so that happened to me. when they close up, we go see the brother's grimm, which i had heard nay-sayed by kingtycoon. okay! i liked it, as we knew i would, especially with lowered expectations. very funny to me, & as everyone likes to point out to me, i wish i'd invented those spells & monsters. then from there bernie & i decided to walk home. came across the brooklyn bridge, got some water at his place, brought gilda ratner back to life but left her buried in her grave & then walked on up union street.

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