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scream, oh sailor, for the mighty squid is upon you.

this house of shackles has as always arisen about me. to but glimpse the walls surrounding me is to realize the chains fucking anchored to my bones. shame, for shame, but at least i have not suffered the indignities of my father's dogs, muzzled & chained to the porch. those vicious, terrible creatures against whom i will hold forever animosity & fear. with their faces the colour of pollution. when i was 13 i took a cruise from hawaii to seattle in the nuclear powered aircraft carrier nimitz. while i was on it for that week, i went into the room where the anchor chain is stored. the links were as big around as anybody. huge. but still, that chain is as gossamer when compared to the chains that kept my father's hounds, the kerubim, anchored to the temple. but how much deeper an oubliette he has prepared for his beloved child.

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