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lets talk knives about it.

last night on my way home from the mexican joint, i saw a car idling & empty. now, i'm the kind of miscreant who, in that situation, can't help but at least case the scene. i want to know how easy it would be to steal that car if i wasn't totally chicken-shit. so i crane my neck over to peek in & what do i see besides people fucking in the back seat! the boy moved a pillow to block my line of vision, but i saw that the girl wasn't wearing any pants (or panties!) & was sitting on his opened fly. i caught them! i was trying to figure out if that makes it better for her or worse. clearly the guy, with his defensive manuvers, was on the team of "risk is sexy," but was the girl on that same team, or did she want to get watched? she sure kept sucking on his face like an octopus trying to open a clam. good for her, she didn't even fucking care! except i think she had fat thighs. thumbs down! you are going to lose points for that.

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