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bad news bad news bad news.

the first few steps into the grotto went like this: "the happy worker is he who works for the betterment of his peers & himself, with there being no divergence between the two!" i don't know, i guess i like the ascians in this book i'm reading; mostly i think about how kingtycoon is going to love them. & about how my ascian, debs, totally went the road of the lame. though that could be a misappellation. we never really get along over the internet, though other mediums we work out okay. mostly face to face. my calling her "debbie" in response to her "james" might have been a stoke of genius on my part. although, man, what? like i am making any kind of sense. any king of nonsense! dabs lives in the neighborhood i have always wanted to live in (washington heights), but is it just me? or is she getting worse? this affected australian thing is kind of a killer. some drift over living there two years is expected. even some theft of slang, because really, doesn't everyone want to appropriate their hood? i don't know, though, sometimes it just bugged this soldier. i don't know. speaking of ditched friends. i don't really mean to ignore all of brian's phone calls. he is cool in my book, okay? but man, talking to him on the phone is this thing. on weekdays, it would cost too much money, & otherwise, i am too busy dodging since i never answer otherwise. i'm not sweating it, though. brian is the lowest of maintanance. which speaks to his benefit.

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