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ill auspice! oh you baroness, you will rue provoking this prince!

here amidst all these hollow alcoves. oh but like the stars burnish brighter the closer you get to them. perhaps they do. i only know that the stars get dimmer the longer i look at them. that is how i can tell they are light, the same as anything else. physics tells the alchemists that light is a special, magical property. speed, i guess, is how they say it. & i can't disagree with them. are we not knit of iron & darkness? iron, of all elements, the most stable at a quantum level. & darkness, in any age, the prevailing characteristic of the universe. save those first three minutes alone, maybe. but oh i suppose this relentless alegory of my heart needs some small respite, some tale to interrupt the banal "i'm so dark & evil" bullshit. well alright, tycho, lets plot out our plan of attack, me, you, your gold nose, my black crown, your burst bladder & my angry guts. okay! first wave:

"once upon a time, if you can fucking believe it, there was this gangly king, all of angry fat & glistening brain. to him was given the power over electricity! his galvanism was fucking full foce. you would cry, maybe, if you were made of metal. i've got metal inside me, sure, holding my two skeletons together, alright, but titanium isn't a very good conductor. the fuck, look at me like that, like you've never seen a periodic table of the elements. but anyhow, the iron-bots, steam-age relics they were, they hated the fuck out of mister myelin, which was his name. king mister ganglion myelin. that guy was a dick! a duck, too! so the robots maybe, the robots i guess they killed him. maybe he was a goose. i'm going to call him a salt goose, instead of a canadian goose, since in the future canada probably won't make it into the history books all that often. fuck you king mister ganglion!"

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