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you can never throw enough coins into enough rivers; can never put enough pennies on enough corpse eyes. there just isn't enough spare change, or change of any kind. i mean, don't look to me to be your sybil. those thin slivers of nickel, copper, silver, whatever they are filling the guts of coins with these days. it wasn't enough to ransom the goonies, & i'll be fucking damnned if there is enough to ransom anyone else on this filthy little sphere. but i'm getting afield, into the cornors of dirty rooms where too long we let you wallow. rule number one, starting tommorow: no more people. all these countless times everyone has told me how bored i'd be without playthings. you know what? fuck it. i choose to be the catapillar on the tree whose leaves have fallen. so come on nuclear winter! rain down on me. or i suppose you ought to snow down on me, flakes that reflect my eyes, patterns in upon themselves. i'll make oroborus look like chinese finger cuffs when the explanation of my oubliette is complete. which sounds tougher than it really is. it is the explanation for my silhoutte that will really take the cake.

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