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seriously, i read this one book this one time & it said your mom doesn't love you.

it is a good fucking thing they raised the "genius" bar for iqs over 160, because my ass with my 153 sure acts a damn fool. like, i got out the brita, filled it up, but then left it on top of the refrigerator for the past twenty minutes. good job k.g.-wannabe! i'm going to blame our persistant poltergeist; it may be that ceasar & azreal boarded it up in the walls with chicken's feet & hexes & shit. okay. & maybe i co-opted their sorceries to brand this place with my name. am i not a prince of black angels? but how much wire & muck & warlocking can keep a bad ghost down? not enough! i bet it was that foul spirit's fault! good eye, mordicai, good ides. i mean, good eye. uh, hm. is hanging out with the hottest girl you know, who you basically broke your whole "i'm a bad-ass heartbreaker" mojo for, in the best city basically on the planet; is that better than hanging out in ohio being lonely & bored? i don't fucking know, why don't we get hammurabi in here to judge it! it is going to be a close fucking call.

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