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the thing, of course, that i always leave out of my recollections of my first memory is that it happened during the daytime of the day of the longest night. such self awareness of the calander rings dishonest, especially in light of my total inability to ever remember the date, & of course that is true, but still; there it is. i count age three, when the sky above me was cleft by iron angels, as the herald date of mordicai. is it any wonder that i would wash up on the shores of memory from the sea of night? when things grow the shallowest between one yesterday & the next? do you think i just got in my little schooner to traverse 65 million years? that all these messages in bottles, flung by my hand & deciphered throughout history were just my way of leaving a trail of jokes? that is the gotham dude's modus o, not mine. oh no, the desperation of the war is real. i might bend myth like caramel over a stove, but don't mistake my metaphor, i beg of you. i am dauntless, i'd like to figure, but so are salmon. it is with such small hope that i throw myself up stream. though with, perhaps, less disgusting smelt involved. ew.

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