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these fingers are an empty fucking noose. my anger being at the emptiness of them. it isn't like there arn't necks to line up across the chopping block. oh fuck no, it is that time of year where kine just line up for a trip under the sledge hammer. & there are plenty of particular necks that need shortening. but if i recount my hates bit by bit, we all know the roll call will just be too tall a drink of water. but what you thought was h2o was h2so4! so drink up. i don't know. i spent most of today with the roar of blood behind my ear drums, trying to decide just what was making the hate boil up in my throat. then deciding i didn't fucking care whatfor. but now i'm a bit of a cobweb, all "i'll tangle up in you!" but with a sick girlfriend who doesn't want to be snared!

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