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i am so fucking annoyed with my girlfriend! we have this little shrine in our apartment that she painted all red & black & i bought a shiva to put in it. over the time we've lived here, it has also accumulated an artemis & lucky frog statue, both for jenny. is the shrine some all important religious focus? no, it is a funny little joke. but jenny kept sneaking a statue of jesus onto the shrine. i hate jesus. everybody knows i hate jesus. i mean, hello i hate jesus. humancentric philosophy espousing love & the lowering of heaven by the desecration of feet of clay? forgiveness? the disregard of the (also hated) covenant? fuck you jesus. jesus is the opposite of me. i fucking hate jesus! (because i'm basically a high school kid). but now she says she wants jesus there, because she used to believe in jesus when she was a kid. she says to think of jesus like her first boyfriend. so...i hate jesus. even more, now. also, we seriously got into a fight about this for like, five minutes. ha ha ha man i am hillarious. wait, her too! also, i am sweating like a mad-man.

in last night's dream, i was the alien advisor to a human galactic empire, much like a prussian "observer" during the american revolutionary war. they were fighting these aliens with better stardrive systems- the alien fleet would jump into the system they wanted to attack, overwhelm the intersystem defenses, & orbitally bomb the planet, & be gone before the humans could get there with reinforcements. they went like this, "island"-hopping from world to world, for some time. in the meantime i met a child in a garden who asked if i was her father. i told the child i wasn't even human, & she tried to offer me fruit, like eve, which i refused. my stratagem, which the humans employed, was to allow the aliens to capture the location of urth, & information of when she would be undefended. when the aliens struck, eager to wreck ruin upon the humans homeworld, the trap was sprung. the urth fleet consisted of enormous ships, the size of subcontinents, built from the bones of dead worlds in the sol system, huge wedges like two star destroyeds glued bottom to bottom, far too big for c+ drives. they fell upon the aliens with a swarm of energy beams, & meanwhile, the other jaw of the ambush closed. i had, in a coup, made contact with the koreans, who had many thousands of years before other humans, left urth. their ships, high prowed, geometric, as speedy as the alien ships, fell upon their fleet spewing a barrage of purple glowing torpedoes. the aliens were devestated, destroyed. after the battle, two things were asked of me. why did you have to reveal the location of our homeworld?, to which i replied that sufficient bait was needed, & that urth must trust that the aliens either consisted entirely of their fleet or would not possess the resources needed to field another one for some time. the other was what are the koreans now?, for the koreans had never agreed to visual communication with urth, communicating only by audio. to that, i answered honestly that i did not know.
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