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got that old rock band ring in my ear again! after ceasar & azreal put the the finishing touches on our anti-poltergeisting measures, including special paint with like, black lamb blood in it to present an astral barrier, i was supposed to go hang out with katja, but that was foiled by...cramps! so i just met jenny at south street sea port to see the last of those free shows they have there. the opening band was an ecclectic bunch of motherfuckers called tigers & monkeys. the frontperson was this little indian hottie, the lead guitar was a high school kid, the keyboardist sat in a chair off the stage smoking cigarettes while he played, the bass & back-up vocals were pretty average rocker fare, the drummer played standing up & they had...a superfulous fat girl? i mean, a really grotesquely shaped tambourine player dancing & waving her bigger-than-her-tits-spare-tire around. they were pretty okay though, altogether. the main act was ted leo & the pharmacists, who were also pretty okay. they wouldn't play "since u been gone," though, which would probably rock a lot harder in a live show than the accoustic. what the fuck was up with a, like, 8 song encore? that isn't an encore! that is just a break in the middle of your set! then we got mcdonalds chicken classic sandwiches.

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