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"okay, but i hate john waters."

what the fuck ever happened to the world's fair? there was like, a time that they would occasionally GO INTO THE FUTURE. right? why the fuck did that stop? i mean, seriously. like, would world fair 2006 just feature, i don't know, infectious memetic colonies & cyborgs & genies & other post-humans? get on that shit, science! it would be like "hey, space-flight is awesome! wait, i forgot about my history lessons. do you guys have c+ yet? wait, you don't even have off-planet colonies? welcome to the future?" fuck man, i have never been to a world's fair, but i imagine it might be a real good time, right? like, it is a fucking moment where everybody is from the future! that needs to happen more often. as it is, i only know one guy who is from the future. i like him, so we should probably have more, right? otherwise, i promise that this whole fucking thing will go the way of the dinosaurs. as the fellow who made that whole extinction-event possible, i hope you realize i'm not joking. cell phones, check, internet, check, but hello? get on the self-modification!!!

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