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i dreamt i was dying, as i so often do.

so i guess the farther the shadows stretch, the more can fit in their fingers. marbles & rings & things. asterisk upon sibilant asterisk, all curled up awaiting my beck & call. sorry serpents! i'm a sucker for another ilk. today peter brought me swag from gencon. one of the books (liber bestarius by eden studios) is actually a little bit great. some of the monsters i was like "yeah, okay, good job." the other one (wonderous items of power by fast forward entertainment) is absolute fucking rubbish. hackneyed into a million pieces. thanks for your lame "celtic" story, asshole. so here i am with my stuffy nose, a runny nose, a sinus cavity filled with my oh so beloved spiders. my whole fucking body a bruise. at least i gave my girlfriend a hicky & commited acts of a perverse nature. hey, so spider-goats (you know about spider-goats, right?) brought up an intresting point. since silk glands & milk glands are apparently kind of similar, it would make more sense for spider-man to sling webs via his nipples than his ass, right? also do you know that most male spiders have moustaches? true. they dip them in cum to fertilize the female. true story. it really happened like that in vegas, honestly baby. did you know that spiders are the animals most like angels? also true.

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