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one thing i like a lot is making ovaltine. when i spoon the ovaltine mix into the milk, i like to pretend i'm watching atlantis sink. though i guess i found out last night that everybody likes that. which is like, fuck. i take it back! i hate to like things other people like! i'm an iconoclast! only, no. so one thing i hate? is how i'm pretty sure jenny gave me west nile virus again. except i am the opposite of sleepy. just sniffles to death. that, i'm not so much feeling. so i'm going to go back to eating some of these dried apricots, because as much as i hate eating, i hate being hungry a little more. i hate being hungarian, too. only because i hate everything, though. anyhow, i'm bored. jenny totally went to sleep hours ago, & the internet is filled with stupids. so there. now i'm going to sulk.

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