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"a waistcoat made of spiders!"

the ride in the hold of the galleon was long & uncomfortable, but such is the life of a stow-away as i have become. carried about with boxes of my own dirt, carted across the black ocean of space. but then, to a tea party with the emperor! better labeled a sake party, for that is what we began to drink (at first!). the emperor, slain now by my hand, slumped over the table, & we drank from a goblet carved from his skull, our meal lit with candles made from his fat. carla turned to andrew who turned to jenny & in my ear their honeyed secret, whispered, burned like salt. lets go back to our place, andrew has a motorcycle & we can eat astronaut ice cream! what resolve in the face of an aging sun! so limned with the crimson glow of the noon-day sun, we set off (only to find the gates to their palace covered in burrs, in coccoons of some kind! they moved when you hit them!) so up the many winding stairs of that place we went, two abreast, until at last we came to the top of the minaret. exhausted, our sherpas eaten for food, we came to the abode of the burnished cask! oh, & it was opened & we sipped a vintage aged 21 epochs, old when time began. we sipped & sipped until jenny lost her fortitude, conjured strange fish up from her belly & expelled them into a basin! as if she were alike to me! it was a magic trick to astonish, certainly. sleep erased all further ruminations, then.

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