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so the soldier got sloppy. if the world wasn't going to bother to make any kind of sense, what the fuck kind of bussiness was listening to other assholes pointless orders? take that hill, retreat from that city. fuck the whole lot of them. he thought well-- fuck it. if all god's creation could have nooks & crannys where these sorts of alien motherfuckers could spawn, then there really wasn't much point to killing nazis, was there? if tommorow meant waking up to a world where the ark of the covenant hatched 1,000 spider-things eggs, well then, fuck everyone. the nazis, as far as he could tell, hated the jews because the jews were holding out as far as horrible monsters were concerned. the more he thought about it, the more u.s.a. ended up the only reasonable answer. fuck the japs, fuck the jews, fuck this thule nonsense. if he saw that god-damn spider thing again, he was going to have enough presence of mind to lob a fucking grenade at it.

of course, all this was nonsense. as soon as he saw it, he was marked. & marked irrevocably.

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