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merry hatemas!

1: "the highest odds are against you lasting more than five rounds, not against you knocking him out."
2: "well, that is kind of cheery, actually."

1: "i find those who eschew probability mechanics to be far more intrested in their pride than their ideologies."
2: "yeah, but starchild is still just a Big Dumb Object."
m: "you know, i found her bones rooting through the trash."

2: "i want to dance in your sugar cave. i mean, cane."
3: " yeah, i wanna be the vampire in your salt grotto. like the salt vampire from star trek."

m: "if i was in the legion of superheroes, i'd be Stabbing Lad. any knife i had would get sharper & pointer, the longer i had it."
2: "what if you didn't have a knife on you?"
m: "i could make a knife out of, like, anything. anything at all."
2: "even rubber?"
m: "i'd stick it in the freezer. also, i wouldn't have to eat or drink or breathe. i'd get all my nourishment from stabbing."

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