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surfer girl, surgery girl.

so if i started talking about cutting the tethers on this zepplin, on always winter never christmas, i bet motherfuckers would hear it as a dirge. but you know me. the villians win the day & turn it into forever night? is basically my best case scenario. if i'm going to be expected to hang on for one more day, it better be a day spent in eternal eclipse. i mean, now that ceasar & azreal have boxed the ghost back up in the walls, who do i have to keep me company? i mean, he even lived in the walls, which is where me & all my angel friends do all of our important living.

today walking home from the subway (as per the usual, i got out at grand army plaza, another den of angels), i decided that i want, really badly, to write the nightwing comic. not the dick grayson comic, not the "robin all growed up" comic. but the actual, original nightwing. see, nightwing (dick g.) got his name from superman. when he was all kicked out of the bat family, when the batman was all "fuck off, dick!" he went to supes & was all "i am without guidance!" & superman was like "uh...i don' do i say this...i don't need a sidekick." & grayson was all "fuck you! that isn't what i meant!" then superman tells him about some kryptonian legend, basically he tells him about the kryptonian batman. who was named nightwing. anyhow, i can't decide which is better! nightwing as a batman on krypton, or nightwing on yellow sun'ed earth being basically batman with superman's powers.

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