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"i can tell by your outfit that you are a cowboy."

ceasar & azreal were putting the almost-finishing touches on the ghost-trap yesterday, so i had to stay home from work to keep my eye on those fickle angels. azreal kept apologising for the inconvienance, & i didn't correct him, 'cause yeah, it was a bit of a hassle, what with the walls rotting away to reveal the skeleton of the building. i was a little put out, thanks for noticing. but they put up this fine mesh, which i guess is supposed to trap the ectoplasmic form of the spirit in the walls of the building? maybe it isn't a ghost, but some ancient hearth-god, whose magics are suckled to make the radiators run or something. i don't know exactly. but i did put some ritual magics of my own down, thank you very much. had them plaster my name behind those walls. sanctum sanctorum, what? & eventually ceasars boss grande, azreal (that makes him from, what, the 9th host?) left, but shit if things arn't all done! they totally didn't take care of behind the refrigerator, for one, & for two, they have to paint everything & whatever.

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