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so i guess i'll leave this entry pretty heavily annotated, or like, coded. what it is, when you have a little legend for things. because man, time travelers, let me tell you, it is a pretty decent time to be mordicai, but i can't imagine it is too good for writing your 35th century homework papers on. unless your thesis is about the weird lull in mayhem & havock, because really, lately has been a little bit tame on the rock n' roll, which is to say, evil. anyhow, here is the legend:

+ means the event was attended with jenny.
% means the event was attended with reigh.
? means i got drunk at the event.
# means there were pictures taken at the event.
@ means that i had sex.
m means that i was extra magic.

wednesday, august 3rd 2005 pub crawl +?#
thursday, august 4th 2005 whereabouts unknown m
friday, august 5th 2005 went to katja's apartment +?
saturday, august 6th 2005 went to prospect park with kira, nino, & kira's dad for bbq +#
sunday, august 7th 2005 went to katja's apartment

ha ha future people, joke is on you. you don't even exsist. suck on nihil, future!
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