mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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smack dab between Curious Yellow and Thermofish, its English Voodoo. because knowledge is...well, you know that old chestnut. try your hand at Coral Reefer Madness, putting a pinch of pink in with your ink. an assortment of feathers imported in from exotic locales- Mary Magdalen Marooned, Dragoon's Droog (a perenial favorite with the burgess crowd, & such a treat for the carrol dreamy-heads!) float up the sails, me-hearties. today we all drink a toast for old scratch. damaged, certainly. nigh invincible? bet on it. Shogo Neodeck will be defeated, much as Shinji "3rd Man Out" Neodeck was defeated. thanks for the uzi, suckers!

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