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so the paranormal-superintendent came to our apartment to investigate, you know, the horrific evidence of the multiple murders. he is that kind of hardcore fucking latino that baffles me, but jenny with her arizona background is all about. i mean, when cesar gets into it, i just look at him all slack jawed, but apparently jenny's day was filled with disgusting anecdotes about rats crawling out of toilets. there was...a real mess. but ceasar brought his sage, & his bee's wax candles, & his sacrafices to xippe totec, & he shrugged on his skin, & started dancing around the joint. now we are in the drying out portion of the fixin'. friday, my day off, he'll come along & tear out the walls & sew them back together for us. or at least that is the plan. hey, by the way, the fucking porcupine is probably the toughest guy in tmnt & other strangeness. turtles are pretty tough too, though. hey, also, ain't it weird that sharks have that sandpaper skin thing going on? how fucking awesome is it to have teeth on your skin? sharks are fucking lucky. that is a good gig. i'm pretty envious. i'm not a friend of the world though, don't be fooled by my affable mood. oh, by the way, i'd like to again pledge my allegance to crypto-fascism, starting with ann amped up education program. fuck families...assholes can't be trusted to raise kids. school days should be what fucking raises a motherfucker. of course, i guess that demands that a state evolve to be worthy of you. i'm an idealist! you gotta excuse my idealism. i just thing all sub-par folks should be assassinated & that magical socioeconomic principals should happpen. wait, what? shit, am i making any sense? hey, here is an idea. i should just be the boss of everything, forever. oh man, jupiter brain me.

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