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make us see your magic pizza!

i really hate dramas. very dull, & also i don't care about anyone else. my least favorite type of drama is court drama, law drama. fuck you nineof26! he made me watch fucking...david e. kelly. not ally mcbeal, that show was okay since it was a comedy & also skinny girls are hot. no, it was that picket fences bullshit that breaks my resolve not to go on a killing spree. it commands me to kill! the power of skerrit compels me! fucking...fuck. i hate that show. i summed it up the other day pretty well. the fictional court case would be a shmorgasboard of headlines, of right-wing conservative interpretations of issues. like, a couple would be getting divorced, that would be the start of the show. then from there you'd find out that the couple was semi-infertile & in an attempt to use science to cheat biology (yay!) they'd had embryos frozen. so then the show would turn into a custody battle for the petri dish. commercial break. the next segment would be all about whether you can "abort" if the eggs are out of the girl's body. but mostly they'd talk about killing babies. it'd be a fucked up piece of anti-abortion propaganda. anyhow, then another commercial break. when you came back, you'd find out that the husband would want custody of the embroys in order to, what, clone a replacement kidney for his daughter or something. or whatever, sell it to european researches for stem cell research. which ever was more topical & more retarded. fuck you nine! that fucking show. you made me watch it, like, three times. three times! i will now pour bleach on my eyeballs. fuck.

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