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i had this dream i was walking in a hedgemaze & this girl started calling out to me. she was dressed like a cross between a puritan & a catholic schoolgirl, but in a kind of hot gothed up way. sort of like a sexpot wednesday addams, a total black bombshell. i was looking for some kind of bomb that was shaped like a squid or something, so i didn't have time to flirt with her. which is sort of what she was doing, she was shouting these kind of semi-offensive banterish things, in that sort of distracted scoffing tone. like i said, it was pretty hot. anyhow, i kind of waved at her & ignored her, ducking behind a hedge looking for the octonuke or whatever it was, & when she thought i'd gone i heard her say (outloud, but to herself) "well good job, you've scared off another one." so i poked my head around the green labyrinth bit & said to her "no, no, i'll come talk to you later, i'm just quite busy right now."

later i was hanging out with her scary father & she took off all of her clothes to go diving for pearls, because that is what she was, a pearl diver. she came up with a black pearl & a handful of gold nuggets. it was a pretty impressive scene. she had shaved her pubic hair into a racing stripe & had these tiny breasts, so she was all sleek & streamlined, like a dolphin. we didn't make out or anything though, because her father was right there, all bad-ass captain nemo-y, & like i said, he was pretty scary. his uniform was pretty cool. like the oyaji version of her weird amalgamated schoolgirl uniform. i could tell i was going to get one too, with silver buttons all down left side & a high-necked collar. while i stood there, dreaming, thinking this, the girl stood there, dripping water, shivering. so i gave her my coat. she was pretty thankful, i could tell.
Tags: dreams

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