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oh it's sweet how the darkness is floating around!

four pages today, which isn't to shabby if i say so myself, even if it is mostly pseudo-technical writing.

i left the apartment today to buy some weights. i had heard from peter that the nebulous shop on 5th avenue & 9th street sold work out equipment, so i went there. to fucking ecclectic-lunacy store. seriously, half army surplus store, half saint marks t-shirt store, half toy store, half sword store. what the fuck is going on here? so i bought two thirty pound weights & a sit-up mat, since my floors are wood, & jenny had also expressed intrest in getting into the habit of doing sit-ups. then i left there, & bought toilet paper & a pack of wife-beaters from the discount store on the cornor. they wanted to hold my bags. so i let them. when they asked me "what the fuck do you have in here!" i grinned at them & walked down the aisle. i wondered if they decided among themselves later that it was a bomb. it wasn't though, it was just weights. so then i came home, & did some curls & shrugs & wrist-y things & all the other sorts of things you can do with a dumbell. like where you put it behind your head. you would think i'd know more about muscles, with my musculo-skeletal backround, but i was never any good at them. give me something good & rotted away (or at least rotten, rotting) any day. anyhow, when i was done with the weights, i stuck them under the bed, so they are out of the way! i am tidy.

also, seriously, why does the water in my apartment now always taste faintly like vodka & tonic? or is it just me?

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