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today is a TOTAL fucking wash. i reek of booze (as everyone keeps reminding me) & i am tired as the dickens. take that, sleep! see if i cave in to you without a struggle. i won't! & i didn't. what a fucking joke. no good & gory details of my night, but suffice to say it wasn't any great shakes. though i shook, i suppose. whatever, though. i'm here! i showed up. which totally counts. or not. or something. you fucking shut your fucking face! fuck you! i collided with a guy in the street & knocked him silly. it was his fault! he was doin' his "i ain't gonna move, i'm the boss of the street!" thing. i hate that thing. hey moron! i'm bigger than you! don't try to fucking shove me around when i'm twice your size. that'll teach that fucking dick. that'll teach him. i don't know. i don't know a thing! like i said: girls are dumb when you don't have "be mean" as a fall back whenever you are confused by them. okay? okay.

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