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i will provide the skin.

so does everybody get all discombobulated when their semen & their urine start competing for dick-time? i mean, i don't want to disparage my prostate or anything, but orgasm+ liquid waste removal can be a huge hassle. i don't know, i guess i'm curious whether or not my prostate is kicking ass or not. or something. it is tough to be particular. but i mean, there is definately a tube-tying result to be wary of. i can be wrecked internally. mostly "ball"-wise, but whatever. it ends up as one of those twin peaks moments, you know? who would you pick? hint? if you think you have any kind of james opinion? then you are probably a sucker. but apart from that, fuck you coppers! by the way, i don't know if anyone has explained it, but the right to bear arms is there in order to equip left-wing lunatics with the guns needed to take them seriously.
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