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because, among other things, i admire the joker.

so jenny likes to fall asleep with the light on. specifically, fall asleep while reading with the light on. you'll have to excuse me- i'm kind of dwelling on this sleeping alone thing. anyhow, since she likes to fall asleep with the light on, & i hate having the light on as a matter of principal (as well as, you know, not liking having the light on), she bought one of those light on/off anti-robber devices. you know, the "leave home for the week but trick everybody into thinking people are at home" things that turn lights on & off according to a schedule. anyhow, she bought one & set it to turn off when i am usually ready for bed. which is totally fucking worthless, since here i am sleeping on the futon (with the air conditioner) while she sleeps in the bedroom (with the new bookshelf). i dunno, what would you do with yourself? it is funny to remember how much of my life was lived without a girlfriend. & especially the post-girlfriend ruin of years. i mean, there is all kinds of wine & vines a-creeping. mostly though? when i went to the deli to get the beer? i thought about how gnomon-wrought weapons have blades as thin as shadows, & thus have their critical threat ranges augmented by one. you know what i'm talking about? hey, man, i know i said lets stay home & vegetate, but i totally left the apartment! once to get cereal & bagels, once to get fried mac & cheese & curry, & once to get beer. so i've seen the state of the war, okay?

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