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man this girlfriend thing is going to be the fuckin' death of me.

god is this whole thing just killing everybody else, too? i mean, okay. i'm with it enough to understand that i've been crazy all day. i mean, crazy, all attention frustrated. but she's been wise to my mojo; more wise than me even! i've been all "pay attention to me!" & she's been all "you mean you want to get laid, right?" i mean, talk about calling the kettle black. or wait, that would imply she's the pot, when i'm both the pot & the kettle, that is how fucking black we are talking. as black as seal, before he started banging heidi klum (sell out). & she has all her ducks in a row when it comes to telling me off. which is FINE, right? because in mordicai-verse, once i realize i'm being silly, i just stop. but in jenny-verse, she just carries that grudge. she keeps on being mad. & i'm left in the rain like an idiot, totally uncomprehendingly. we bickered all day & got over it. so why when we bicker now, is it still on? i guess saying it was because she's drunk was pretty obviously the wrong move. thanks, hind-sight! seriously, i'm helpless when dating a girl i can't walk away from. i might as well chop my arms off. i'm so pissed at the situation? way to solve your bad dreams dilema mordicai! now she'll sleep in the other room! nightmares = regulated! fuck, i'm so fucking screwed. at least i learned my lesson from the ghandi debacle? i guess i did. mordicai is incapable of passive resistance, that is what i learned. also, maybe jokes don't always save the day! man, i get that the sitcom formula demands that i date the girl i can't control, but um...why can't i control her? i'd like to be done with the bad times now, okay? thanks.

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