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these are the days that dry men's bones.

long leisurely sunday- though, there is a good chance i am not made for casual leisure. where is my constant fawning affection! where i ask you. where is my every whim, granted? feh. i am disgusted! sunday. there is no game today, because we played yesterday on account of bernard going out of town. my poor little gnome scout, endicott clay, had his best-friend-since-character-background die on him. most recent in a string of traumas. oh poor broken endicott clay is just going to be the cruelest little post-traumatic-stress'ed soldier ever. he's just going to use that spelljammer to all kinds of bad ends. just you wait & see. so, gamed yesterday, leaving today as the iceberg adrift in warm climates. my brain a-melt, though physick has been administered. so far a couple of movies have happened in the background: a very long engagement now, & previously hostage. eh. media, huh? since bibliophil has been acting a damn fool, i havn't been reviewing comics that i've read, including some authority stuff that was pretty good. i read a promo copy of it's superman!, & that was crap. crap, crap, crap. i've been having a quirk of an hour, but i think the swells of misery are subsiding.

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