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send in ANIHILATION FORCE! to wreck the day! led by squad-synapse captain MOWQ HATECANON, they are a peerless appendage of evil! MOWQ HATECANON leads his troops into low morale zones with reckless abandon! he brings suffering to those who question their loyalty! with team surgeon-interogator HEIMFIFE KNIFEY-KNIFE at his side, no infidel can avoid....the question! they are put to the question indeed! they will call you on the telephone to ask you questions if they want to, too! if you don't like it, team leg-breaker BULLFROG BASTARDSPITE will eat your fucking face right off your head! he'll do it, he is so fucking done messing around that it is disgusting! once your face is ripped off, team boogie-man JACK O' GRAVES will probably lick you hideously! oh god his saliva is like burning acid! who would purposely genecraft such an abomination? why, team breeder-decanter SYLPH ROTGUTTING! she'll hatch a horde of monsters from her hideous womb! her belly is roiling with new races of spider even as we speak! GOLLOWA AZARAEAL will use those spiders to no-goodnik ends, don't you worry, because GOLLOWA AZAREAL is the king of spiderkind! he will creepy crawly under your bed, in your closet, in your head! you have the shivers? the shakes? the detox tremens? you quitter! you bullshit fucking sham! GUZZLEGLUG BOLIVIAN will shoot your veins full of such retarded chemicals that you will not know what his you! you will probably fucking shit your pants right then & there! you've fucking tempted fate for the last time, do-gooder! ANIHILATION FORCE is going to put you to a wicked fucking reckoning!

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