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9 years old with a perscription to smoke cigarettes.

Panel: NIGHT. Batman & Jim Gordon are standing in Gordon's garden. The "camera" is behind Batman, so we see his back & to the left, Gordon's front.

Gordon: (continued from last panel) "...whoever you are when you take that mask off."

Panel: Close up on Batman's cowl, from the nose up. His eyes are white from contacts.

Batman: "How do you know I take it off at all?"

Panel: Back to the shot with Batman's back, & Jim Gordon's front. Gordon is wiping his brow.

Gordon: "You can see it, you know, there behind your eyes. Sometimes I think it is what makes them all so afraid of you."
Batman: "What is that?"

Panel: Close up, Gordon's face.

Gordon: "That it could be worse. That you could be worse."

Panel: NO DIALOGUE. Full body of Batman, in silhoutte, part pensive, part terrifying.

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