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yesterday i hi ho, hi hoed off to work early, in order to go to the knitting factory to see a show with the lovely jenny, as per her insistence. we went to go see maria taylor, that girl from azure ray, do her thing. the first opening act was, i guess, the band her little brother is in. the second opening act i thought initially was maria taylor, prompting me to say "i guess she went solo because she ate all the other members of the band?" she was a big fatty fat fatty. but she was okay if that sort of thing doesn't bother you. the third band was the band that maria taylor's guitarist/friend is in. all very nepotistic, huh fuckers? i thought it was charming. anyhow, they were called the statistics, & by the time they were playing, katja & jeffrey had shown up. so they played, & then during the intermission katja & jeffrey got into a fight, but i went outside & brought him back in. outside there was a girl with an exploding dog tattoo! so i told her it looked cool. oh, also i forgot that i got mad at jenny for neglecting to tell me that the thing she was excluding me from was something i'd want to do, but i'm sober now, thus blase, & so no longer reacting poorly to that. cool. ice cold! mostly maria taylor sang a bunch of slow songs, which, whatever, made my feet hurt, but the one song of hers i like. the one about waiting, but please come soon. i thought that song was good. then we went home to the muggiest apartment ever. so i took a shower! it was a good plan.

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