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so since i got my face busted in, i've really had a thing for painkillers. i mean, floating in that gauze coma of vicodin for a couple three months there, you get used to it. drenched & drowned in the analgesic styx. so a while afterwords, when things started becoming too crisp, too stark, i started taking a little panacea in the morning, at lunch; early on. vicoden, percocet, the elusive oxycontin. just wrap up dear old auntie mordicai's grey matter in tincture & band-aids. smoke the honey bees to calm them down.

but all that changed with the introduction of christian heavy metal into my life. bands like "seventh seal" or "mortal," bands singing about blood & torture, yes, but the blood & torture of CHRIST, who is risen. old classics like stryper, who really bust out god's love with a wail & a thrown goat. i guess if i think back to my childhood, the "youth explosion" festival is really where i started to get into the killer metal that the lord can inspire....

no no NO wait, FUCK this. that fucking kid STOLE MY JACKET. i had this old fucking west german army fatigue jacket, sort of scrounged/inherited from my bio-dad. it was pretty sweet, right? i also had the standard issue army surplus greens, but that is no where near as good as the legit stuff, right? anyhow, i was going to this christian rock-festival thing at this one church..."youth explosion," it was called. whatever, i knew kids who went to this church, & there was even like one girl in the youth group there i had made out with once or something, so i didn't struggle that much. better than staying at home. anyhow, the way this festival worked, all the kids would stay at one parent's house & then they would get crated off en mass to the church (it was a big fucking church). anyhow, the place i dossed at was the fucking...the miniature place! you know how every town has that weirdo doll house furniture store? this was the place! i can't fucking remember what it was called. anyhow, to make a long story short, their little bastard kid (who wouldn't shut the fuck up about GURPS when i told him i gamed) hid my jacket so i couldn't find it when it was time to leave! what was that fuckers name? anyhow, fuck him.

i went to a carmen concert one time with that youth group, too. & to a party with a pot bellied pig.

Poll #534885 talking dirty about superman's wife.

before she hooked up with clark, louis lane was a

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