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new bookshelves!

crash! the heavens shook with all the fury of the titanomachia! but that was later. the preamble was an evening of exotic indian cuisine, served to myself, fordmadoxfraud, & bernard by the maharajah himself (all his wives behind him veiled in diaphanous silk). once our appetites were slaked, once the villagers had fed us the proverbial virgin, we came to my lair for junk wine; after one unfinished glass, bernard took his leave of us. his theory, i will mention by the by, is that harry potter is voldemort's last horcrux. it is a good, stong theory, it writhes & wriggles upon the slide, &, like neutrinos, explains ever so much. then ford came within my dwelling once more, with all the whiskey he could drink. we watched the original dawn of the dead, & i did not partake of the whiskey, in order to surprise my lady-friend with my charming sobriety. i was not rewarded for my actions! or least aways, have not yet been.

then came the smash & collision of gods & demons above! before you knew it, i was drenched in their blood, drenched to the bone. which, i have to confess, is my usual mode of dress- the spilt blood of deities. but little did i know, though i discovered later when i arrived at martak's abode, that i had an umbrella. cruel is the lot of poor mordicai! bah, & humbug too. so then began my long, slow story, my chance out against the world. my dungeons & dragons game, primarily concerning: threats at the hands of dangerous recluse "josef;" meeting leftentant heathcliff fischer blaine's "irregulars;" a battle with several yellow & black slug covered bog mummies; an introduction to the city-suburb "westcastle;" flirting with heathcliff; the gaining of the egg which contains the heart (a heart?) of the cheshire beast, hidden amongst cloe niven blaine's personal effects; some investigation concerning cloe's murder; & finally a meeting with a true warlock, an honest wizard, the half-mad elias, who fed them drugs.
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