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"if i had hated a little more, just a little more, we would have had a little less trouble."

in the dream, i was working at some pyramid scheme arms dealership. or well, i was being recruited into working there; men wearing suits talking in weird acronyms, women sitting at plastic desks wooing over the phone, promising quality merchandise with the middlemen cut out, promising all kinds of tall tales. i was at the place with cortney; the germans wore grey, she wore blue. we were living together in a log cabin in the woods; she worked as a waitress at the diner on the otherside of the logs, & i worked catching foxes. but the pyramid scheme got you when they tried to sell you their acronym text books. i threw them down & walked out in disgust. & got walked out on. or something like that. tough, as always, to put my finger on the moment that the patina of abandonment spread out over the whole thing, that oxidized copper colour.
Tags: dreams

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