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on saturn's day, after work i went out with the new & improved imogen, & the always lovely kerry. well, it was us (including jenny) & kira & nino as well as kira & nino's pretty disintreting friends. which i hear tell the one guy isn't so bad, but the patio, once we were forced inside, was not condusive to bein' buddy-buddy with strangers. the patio, man. i've been there before, but this time i was pretty let down, though the fack that they have lambic on tap sort of bouyed it back up. anyhow, i was happy when it was time to go, since my guts were being pretty miserable. back at our pad, we entertained imogen & little washu- or well, washu, since imogen fell asleep with a claw around a beer. fingers crossed that now imogen will be pulled from hermitage.

then last night was the (semi-)big celebration for jenny's spawnday. the scene included (in order of arrival): fordmadoxfraud (who left work with me, so was there first), jenny's best friend sarah (who is in town on a modeling job), katja & jeffrey (jeffrey's second time in brooklyn ever!), kromelizard (the bastard), kira & nino (nino had said he might not come, but we all knew that was a joke), jodi (who we didn't know was going to come), & then sarah's boyfriend david (king bland). there was jukebox chicanery, & consumption of alcohol, the general sort of party things. we were threatened with expulsion twice, which means there was a good time to be had. though that bartender, it is widely agreed, was a dick. & the whole time i had to share my girlfriend, & i was so big about it, & i demand credit. the end.


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