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sex, snakes, & vinnegar.

i keep dreaming about pearls. salved over wounds made beautiful. only extracted by knife. samurai practice called today on account of rain. sangria ends up sounding too much like sanguine, & i'm thinking more melancholy. here i am, all skeptical sylph. but for all these tired limbs, it isn't as though i'm in a bad mood of it. i think about octopi all the train ride to work, blue rings like halos. i think about them so hard the train stops, nemo's troops break out the axes & get to hacking. break out the matches! we'll win against the leeches! oh don't look at me like that. like some whipped fucking dog. get yourself into the closet & lock it behind you.

when we played the game earthdawn? well, lets just say the game started off with the toughest battle of my gaming career...& then mid-way through, the dm looked up & said "oh, they have TWO attacks per round." it was, let me tell you, a discouraging moment. this is the game in which the next battle resulted in the death of the entire party but my character. man, but jason rolled like a fucking wizard when he was the narrator for that game. open ended d20s, every fucking time. the clique, the party we ended up forming? my character named "LOOK BEHIND YOU!!" which is what we'd shout at bad guys right before we'd bum rush 'em. that game was a barrel of laughs. i ended up a 5th circle t'skrang swordsmaster when it fell apart.

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