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J'zz Z'om, the Martian Manfucker.

"let the land be cleft in twain & up from the dark places surge all that bubbling crude. lets see the odd fishes that swim in those seas, eh? thick as thieves, those waters, black & toxic. it'll gum up your gillls, your gears, & no mistake. let the moon run red as blood! the face of it beaming down with malice to all upon the earth, a bloom of hate against the night'ed sky. fuck 'em! all a-moon with grizzled cruelty, mares & montes a face of broken teeth. oh unhappy mother nature! all those blasphemous chimera, send 'em out from your maggot-white belly! mokele membe smashing the darkies, ole nessie with a mouthful of scottish fucks. them's chupacabrases all sucking on hombres, you know it my laddy! you know it! indrid cold playing his dizzy records for those poor rubes in point pleasent. to hell with the lot of them! you'll be nana's little locust, won't you my boy mordicai, perched upon the bones with your golden crown! oh i'll give you a pale pony for your birthday, i will, trust to your dear old nana. come clickity-clack with your scissors, come snicker-snack!"

-nana burke

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