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the sihdhe, no matter how virtuous or wicked, are to the last & above all, cruel.

spent pretty much all weekend half-crazy & reading. jenny was having a shut-in self-medicating drag, so we orbited each other slightly cautiously. yesterday we never went to the park to bar-b-que, which was my vote, but kira & nino did come over to climb up onto our roof to watch the fireworks. which only makes me think about guerilla warfare. anyhow, jenny kept saying if i wanted to go to the park, i should just go. i think her style of petulant four year oldism (as opposed to mine, as we are both basically precocious children) doesn't get that i didn't want to go to the park & read...i wanted to go to the park & read with her. whatever, not that i was angry about it, just sort of lingeringly dissapointed. no big deal though. then last night we couldn't agree on a movie to watch so we watched iron chef, where she realized the voice actors are the same guys who do mXc, which kind of blew my mind. so that was monday.

oh, monday i also finished stay, which is the sequel to the blue place. i didn't like it nearly as much, though i don't mean that in some way that degrades my positive vibe for her as a writer. stay was just very much about the nearly-sociopathic heroine of the first book kind of "out growing" being a sociopath-lite. i don't know; aud is at my favorite when she breaks a guy's legs & leaves him to die on a glaciar, or hits a guy's car with her own, gets out, douses him with gasoline, & lights him on fire. you want to know who she reminds me of? especially her relationship with tammy in stay? conan the barabarian. though of course better choices would be all the brutal noir men of mystery fiction; i'm just not a big mystery-head.

sunday wasn't so much a shut-in day, somehow. i had to do crummy laundry, but mostly i thought about the voynich manuscript & read my book while waiting for the tumbling clothes to stop. then fordmadoxfraud came over just in time for the three of us to go to carla's apartment on the upper east side to hang out with her & andrew for an impromptu party for jenny's birthday. i gave her 25 swats & a pinch to grow on. there was climbing on the ceilling, & fighting, & charades, & hors d' oeuvres, &c. then we had to take the trains home, & that wasn't so bad, but fuck, it wasn't any good.

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