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the more things change, the more they stay the same. up last night in tatters, reading house of leaves till three thirty in the morning. & man taking new punches to the head! like...the intro fly-leaf? you know, the "by zampano with introduction & notes by johnny truant?" it is fucking pelafina's font! what! WHAT! so is the yggdrasil poem in the back! bookended by pelafina? so okay, there we go, lets stew on that. anyhow, i'm going to work now; jenny asked me all nice. & i gotta give into her when she's nice. right? be stubborn when she is mean (in theory) & pliant when she is nice. really i'm just suggestable any which way, but i like to pretend to have some kind of agenda. oh angel! i've got a secret today. all that cake! all those texans! don't touch the thermostat!

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