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macaroni pie?

today is a day of ill omen. i've got a headful of locusts, or maybe wasps, & i am pretty sure that my space-ship has a flat tire. or something comparable. like, a space-flat. a flux in the capacitor. or wait, a flux capacitator is a good thing. see? i can't figure out any of this today! i'm a dirty puddle of a monster. a black pudding. an ochre jelly even. oh well, it isn't so bad, really. i'm pretty sure my starship is self-repairing. i'll give it some nanites or magnitism or something. wait, i'm pretty sure my spaceship is actually a living creature! my compartment is some techno-cyst or maybe a duct. it uses a warp gland! see, my day is already getting better. life isn't so lonely with a sentient space critter that you can fly around the galaxy in, is it? no it isn't, batman. no sir.
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