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the funny thing about nostalgia is that you get all...well, maybe i am diffrent. maybe everybody else isn't swarmed by hate. "you betrayed me, you abandoned me!" crap, the greatest thing about my life (as opposed to my existance) is that i did that gig again. i sure dove back into the ocean of regret & treason & here i am. i'm brave! my jenny was maybe worth it, but the best part is...fuck you! wounds? naw. but i invested in you. wait, man. who am i kidding. no maybe. but i think i can do other than make you part of my solar system? & maybe that is what you hated, that is why you left. but don't act like you didn't leave. don't act like coming back is some kind of resitution. jenny is the special one. jenny is the one who is better than you. she is the one i will stick my neck out for. i mean, i would have stuck it out for you. but you left for your own dumb, petty reasons. or exiled me for the same stupid sort of causes. man, sometimes it is funny to think about all the folks who will look back at me as some kind of phase. fuck you you stupid idiots. way to miss the point. i can't wait to wreck your universe.

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